About  ME™Card

After four years in development, the Me™ Prepaid Card service is the only Prepaid card of its kind in North America.

It offers consumers all the privileges of a Prepaid Credit card and more…Much more!!

In today’s Electronic World, it is practically mandatory to own a Credit Card. Clients who are considered “unbankable” now have an option the industry has never seen before…

The ME™Card offers all the rights and privileges of a credit card without the credit hassles…

About ME™Card:

  • Unsurpassed Point-of-Sale and ATM acceptance worldwide
  • access electronic payment systems when credit accounts are unavailable
  • Reloadable On-Line
  • No point-of-sale fees or interest charges
  • Access Your Account Anytime
  • View your transaction history, card balance and more by visiting MeCard4u.com

Safe and Secure

  • Your ME™Visa Prepaid Card is safer than carrying cash. Your funds are protected if your card is ever lost or stolen with Visa’s Zero Liability.
  • Send Money To Family or Friends
  • Pre-Authorizations Available
    • Book at a Hotel
    • Rent a Car

Don’t limit your lifestyle in this world of Electronic Commerce…Get your ME™Card Today!