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Score-Up Inc.

1.    Score-Up Inc is an affiliated company of Mecard Inc. Score-Up is the only Credit Management company in Canada with “Exclusive Point Deduction Technology” which allows clients to gain back valuable points lost due to the way Credit data is reposted to the Credit Bureau. It is really as simple as inputting your Credit Report (Credit Data) into our computer software and our “Simulators” analyses your Credit data to provide:

  • A list of errors in the data being reported to the Credit Bureau…when we fix these errors you will gain back valuable points to your Credit Score…
  • Both short and long term recommendations as to how a consumer can reach a “target” credit score to be approved for a mortgage or car loan etc etc…In other words…you can tell our Computer Software what Credit Score you would like to achieve and the Program lays out things you can do in the short and long term to achieve this target score.
  • Scientifically tells you the best way to distribute excess funds to maximize your Credit Score. In other words…if you have an extra $ 500 to pay towards Consumer Debt…our computer software will tell you the best place to apply this $ 500 to increase your Credit Score by the maximum amount.

2.    Score Up offers the most extensive Budgeting program to help keep you in track while building or maintaining your Credit Score

3.    Score Up offers one of the most extensive Credit Coaching and Credit Education programs available in today’s market. Our Credit Coaches can help you stay focused on building and maintaining a strong Credit score.

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